Lifesaving robot on the water


Product description: the surface rescue robot can be carried by a single soldier, the first time to replace the rescue personnel into the water for emergency rescue, to avoid the rescue personnel injured; Can be easily thrown into the water, through the rear remote control operation, carrying rescue ropes, life jackets, necessary to feed and other relief materials, quickly get close to the trapped personnel, drowning accident rescue, flood disaster accident rescue, island transfer camp rescue and other tasks.

Main customers: fire squadron, maritime safety bureau, salvage bureau, water armed police detachment, water police station, navy, yacht owners, water life saving association, cruise ship and other departments and units.

Product advantage:

lStrong hydrological adaptability: speed up to 42km/h, able to effectively resist wind and waves, cross rapids and shoals, etc. With automatic centralization function.

lRapid expansion: only 15kg, easy to be carried by a single soldier, and can be directly thrown at 25m altitude.

lStrong expansion performance: it can be equipped with cameras, walkie-talkies, life jackets and other rescue equipment, as well as emergency lights and other professional equipment.

lPrecise positioning: the remote control has the function of speed classification, and the remote control robot can be selected to reach the specified operating position on the water surface accurately.

lHull leather solid and reliable, not afraid of impact: the head of the soft rubber material, in high speed impact objects do not damage, can continue to drive.

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