Caterpillar all-terrain fire fighting robot

Product introduction: caterpillar emergency rescue in fire fighting and rescue, robot can replace fire rescue personnel enter the flammable and explosive, toxic, anoxic, smoke dangerous disasters, such as the scene of the accident, to carry out the fire, smoke, smoke, investigation, cooling, such as fire fighting and rescue work, and at the same time for the scene of the accident data acquisition, processing and feedback. The robot is composed of special fire fighting robot bottom plate and all kinds of modular fire fighting functional jacket. The chassis adopts pure electric driven tracked chassis, which has the characteristics of strong ground adaptability, large load capacity and good expansion performance.

Main customers: all kinds of large petrochemical enterprises, tunnels, subways, oil tank areas, large warehouses, buildings, high temperature strong heat radiation, easy to collapse areas and other dangerous places where fire vehicles and personnel can not be near.

Product advantages:

lStrong ground adaptability: it can climb over a slope with a height of more than 30cm vertical obstacle and a slope of more than 30°, which is very suitable for the highly unstructured environment of the disaster site.

lNon-line-of-sight remote control operation: transmission video delay is less than 250ms, equipped with a perception system that can penetrate the smoke and water fog environment, which can effectively detect obstacles and capture the ignition point within 30m.

lFull power: with high-capacity and high-efficiency lithium battery pack, it can tow two water belts to walk 100 meters.

lStrong expansibility: can add a variety of functional jacket, composed of fire fighting, fire smoke exhaust, fire detection, fire cleaning, nuclear

environmental detection and other robots.


No more sacrifice in the rescue!

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