Technological life buoy

Product introduction:  U-type intelligent life buoy is a new type of intelligent water rescue equipment, which can replace the rescue personnel to quickly reach the accident dangerous water area and move the trapped personnel to a safe area. The products are propeller-driven and can be upright after being overturned. The body adopts light and corrosion-resistant material, the weight is only 15kg, easy to carry, one person can complete the throwing and remote control; The no-load speed can reach 21km/h, three times of that of rescue workers, and the manned speed can reach 2m/s, which can respond to emergencies quickly. The life-saving ring can be equipped with video recording module. The body adopts the design of water contact switch, which can be automatically opened and used after entering the water, which is convenient and fast.

Main customers:  fire squadron, maritime safety bureau, water police station, navy, water armed police, parks, yacht owners, water life saving association, cruise ships and other enterprises and individuals need water rescue mission.

Function introduction:

lFast travel speed: no-load speed up to 21km/h, manned speed up to 2m/s, endurance more than 30 minutes, can carry 90kg.  

lRapid expansion: weight is only 15kg, small light, can be quickly thrown to use.  

lPrecise positioning: with GPS and beidou positioning and navigation functions, it can accurately reach the operation position indicated by the water surface.  

lRemote control:single hand operation, effective remote control distance up to 800m.

Video display


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