Searching and rescueing ROV

Product introduction: Underwater search and rescue reconnaissance robot can replace firefighters to enter the underwater long time reconnaissance work, can be in the river, the river, the lake, the deep water wharf, the power station, the reservoir and other areas to fall (drown) water personnel, wreck, falling vehicles and items positioning search and auxiliary salvage work. The product is full of power and lasts for a long time. Multi-vector thruster layout and proper center of gravity design are used to ensure that the robot has excellent maneuverability. The robot can be integrated with high-definition imaging sonar, high-definition camera, manipulator, lighting and other multi-functional modules, so that it has a strong search operation capability.

Main customer scope: fire squadron, maritime safety bureau, salvage bureau, water armed police detachment, water police station, navy, deep water wharf, water life saving association, power station, reservoir and other departments and units.

Product advantages:

lLightweight and compact: weight 12kg, small size, easy to carry.     lStrong power: 6 vector thrusters, speed up to 2m/s, high search and rescue efficiency.

lStrong operational capability: integrated hd imaging sonar, hd camera, manipulator, lighting and other modules.

lHigh brightness lighting: equipped with four 1500 lmLED lights, full black water for reconnaissance.

lHigh-definition video: SONY 8-megapixel, 1080P low-light camera.

Video presentation:


No more sacrifice in the rescue!

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