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Based on artificial intelligence technology to provide rescue departments with more practical, more reliable, more economical surface, ground and other professional emergency rescue robots.

Management ideas

Companies will always adhering to the pragmatic, the core values of excellence, based on the core technical independent research and development, related components highly integrated customized development course, the concept of practice grow together with customers, dealers, special robot related industry chain integration services for the special department, improve the operational efficiency, reduce the risk of workers and the labor intensity.

      Cheng shi robot company is a science and technology start-up enterprise focusing on the field of special robots, aiming to provide various specialized special emergency rescue robots for emergency rescue departments based on artificial intelligence technology. The company's existing products have covered the surface, underwater and ground fire fields, can meet the rescue needs of different scenes. At present, we have more than 10 intellectual property patents and rich experience in robot research and development, production, sales and after-sales service.

       At present, a production base of 3,000 square meters has been built. The factory is equipped with production lines of various special robots and special testing equipment, such as water surface and ground. The operation and production of the factory use 5S factory management mode, and have passed ISO9001 international quality, SO14001 environmental management, HSAS18001 occupational health and safety management and a series of system certification.        Adhering to the core values of seeking truth from facts, pursuing excellence and serving actual combat, we are committed to independent research and development of core technologies and realize common growth with customers and dealers.

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