Lifesaving robot on the water

Product advantage Strong hydrological adaptability 、the rapid spread out、strong performance、hull durable、 accurate positioning

Technological life buoy

Product advantage fast forwardthe rapid spread out accurate positioningremote control

All-terrain  fire fighting robot

Product advantage :  strong ground adaptability、non-view distance remote operation、powerful、strong performance

Product advantage :  strong ground adaptability、non-view distance remote operation、powerful、strong performance

Caterpillar all-terrain  fire fighting robot

Searching and rescueing ROV

Product advantage : portable smallstrong powerstrong working abilityhigh brightness illuminationhigh definition video

The factory profile

The factory's main production and inspection facilities are :cleaning machine ,brazing machine spinriveting machine ,assembly line 、hydraulic performance test equipment deepwater environment simulation test equipment 、power battery charge and discharge test device 、adjustable ground robot climbing test bench 、adjustable test platform for obstacle surmounting of ground robotetc.

Factory certificationThefactory has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification,dailymanagement in accordance with 5S plant management system requirements,cancontinue to meet the needs of custormers,toprovide customers with reliable products and services .

Relevantqualifications The company all products through the national fire equipment quality supervision and inspection center , Inspectionby China classification society and other authorities. Tomeet the needs of customers for various professional emergency rescue robots. heproduct quality is excellent, wins the society from all walks of life consistent high praise .  

No more sacrifice in the rescue!

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